Daily Archives: October 20, 2013

Quiz, Quiz, Trade

To prepare for the spelling test, our “spellers” participated in an interactive review game. Each “speller” received an index card with a spelling word written on it. Their task was to move around the room and quiz another student on their word. Once they quized a peer, and the peer quized them, the students then traded their cards and continued to quiz another person with a different card. This activity allowed students to gauge which spelling words they needed to focus on when preparing for their test.

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Post-it Discussion #1

This past week, our “readers” participated in a Post-it Discussion! As a means to openly explore, discuss, and analyze the ideas and elements in Shiloh, the 5th graders responded to specific questions by making comments and elaborated on the remarks of others. To ensure a deep discussion, the students’ desks were arranged in a U-shape formation. Each child was also given 3 post-its. For each time a child participated, they were instructed to remove a post-it off their desk. Once all three post-its were removed, they received a sticker for participation. Oh what fun we had discussing Shiloh!