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Post-it Discussion #1

This past week, our “readers” participated in a Post-it Discussion! As a means to openly explore, discuss, and analyze the ideas and elements in Shiloh, the 5th graders responded to specific questions by making comments and elaborated on the remarks of others. To ensure a deep discussion, the students’ desks were arranged in a U-shape formation. Each child was also given 3 post-its. For each time a child participated, they were instructed to remove a post-it off their desk. Once all three post-its were removed, they received a sticker for participation. Oh what fun we had discussing Shiloh!

Novel Study — SHILOH

What an exciting day we had today! In Language Arts, we began the novel Shiloh, written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. The fifth grade previewed the novel and made predictions before listening to Chapter One read aloud. After reading Chapter One, our “readers” worked together to brainstorm observations, wonderings, and connections. Be on the look out for other news reading our current Novel Study!